What to Consider When Choosing an Eye Doctor

Eye Doctor Hendersonville, TN

Whether you are having vision problems or want to visit an eye doctor for a regular checkup, know what to look for in a doctor to ensure you are getting the best eye care treatment available.

Getting a Referral

A recommendation from your primary doctor is an excellent way to find the right doctor for your needs. Another good place for recommendations is through friends and family. They can refer you to doctors they have had good experiences with and who are near you. Some professional organizations offer recommendations for reputable care providers.

The Difference Between an Optometrist and an Ophthalmologist

The biggest difference is that an Ophthalmologist can perform eye surgery. An Optometrist can examine, diagnose, and treat eye disorders and diseases but may need to refer a patient to an Ophthalmologist for further care or surgery.

Assessment of an Eye Doctor

After your appointment, consider a few aspects of your time with the doctor.

–   How long did you wait to see the doctor? If your wait time was long, find out if this is normal or if there were extenuating circumstances. 

–   How thorough was your exam? Did you feel rushed or sense that the doctor was quick to dismiss a concern of yours? Did the doctor answer all of your questions to your satisfaction? Communication is an important part of eye health.

–   What was your comfort level during the exam? Feeling at ease will result in you sharing more with your doctor or asking for further explanation when something is not clear. It will also be a factor of how regularly you get checkups.


If you are unhappy with your provider for any reason, look for another referral. Your eye health is worth the additional time spent finding the right doctor.

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