New Year, New You! How to Get the Perfect Eyewear Look for 2017

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New Year’s Day is about celebrating fresh, new opportunities. Some of us make lists of resolutions and use the fresh start as an excuse to make big changes in our lives. If you wear glasses, you’ve probably had the same pair for quite some time. Switching up your frames can give your appearance an upgrade and make it more exciting to face 2017.


Finding a Frame for Your Personality

Glasses can make a big change to the way that we’re perceived. Certain styles cause certain reactions, which can benefit us in different ways. Opting for a new pair can be a wonderful way to steer interpersonal conversations. Consider amplifying your personality or trying out a new persona with one of these styles:

–    Business professionals. Wearing the right glasses instills feelings of confidence and trust with your clients and coworkers. For a professional look, opt for conservative colors and shapes. Oval, rectangle, and almond frames offer practicality without distraction—perfect for a dedicated businessperson. Neutral, traditional shades like gold, black, gray, silver, and brown do well. You can also try rimless or uncolored metal options.

–    Creative spirits. If you’re a fashion lover or just a creative person, try modern and geometric shapes. Many frames offer intricate designs that add a unique aspect to your appearance. The frames are usually larger and more striking, especially when you pick a color like purple or perhaps an animal print design. Your glasses will grab attention and show your spirit at the same time.

–    Modern and mature. Baby boomers and seniors don’t have to settle for tired designs and stodgy fashion. Crisp and uplifting shapes are wonderful to help aging individuals look and feel younger. Men can try upswept rectangles in metal shades while women might prefer soft cat-eye styles in lighter tones like rose gold. The shinier the frame style, the more light and life will be added to the wearer’s appearance.

–    Studious students. These individuals need a combination of personal flair and comfort, especially while they put long hours into books. This may be the last chance many students have to show off more eye-catching styles before entering the professional workforce. Larger sizes, unusual shapes, and intricate details make it easy to stand out in a crowd.

–    Busy parents. Moms and dads have less time to worry about trends. A simple, basic, and durable pair may be the best answer for wearers with children. Selecting a bit of color adds a personal touch while still maintaining frame durability.


There are thousands of other eyeglass choices out there. Our team at Judd Family Eyecare can help you decide what you want people to see, and let your eyeglasses reflect your personal style.