How to Care for Glasses – The Right Way!

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For many of us, our glasses allow us to see the world clearly. Yet we don’t always care for these essential tools as well as we should. There are many things we can do to our glasses to damage them.


Do Not Clean Your Glasses With These

The worst thing nearly all of us do is to wipe our glasses with our shirts. This can scratch our lenses, as our shirts can have dust and other particles on them. Don’t clean eyeglasses without some form of liquid. Even a microfiber cloth will push particles into the glass surface and scratch them without a liquid.

However, not just any liquid will do. Window cleaners, lemon juice, and vinegar are some common household cleaners people use to clean their glasses. All of these substances can damage the lenses or their coatings.


Use These to Clean Instead

While special eyeglass cleaners are some of the best substances for cleaning lenses, there are other cleaners which work almost as well. Dish soap works extremely well for removing greasy fingerprints from lenses. Do not use a citrus-based soap as these can damage glasses.

Always use a cotton-based fabric or a microfiber cloth to clean glasses, never a wood-based material such as paper towels. Microfiber cleaning clothes are specially made from a blend of nylon and polyester to clean lenses without scratching them.

How we clean our glasses is important, too. When wiping lenses clean, never start from the area closest to your nose. The area by your nose is most likely to contain skin residue that will smear over the lens. Instead, start by the arm of your glasses (the part which goes along the side of your head and back behind your ear) and wipe towards the nose piece.


Other Ways to Care for Glasses

While cleaning eyeglasses correctly is important to keep them effective for a long time, there are other best practices we can do to care for them:

1.  Don’t set glasses on top of your head. This can bend them out of shape over time, plus they are prone to falling from there.

2.  Don’t push them wire-frame glasses up your nose. This can wear away the finish and stresses the material.

3.  Don’t have a screw loose. Remember to tighten the screws holding lenses and arms in place regularly.


Eyeglasses need proper care to correct our vision problems. Always be aware of what you use to clean your lenses and how you clean them.