New Eyewear Collections At Judd Family Eyecare

Summer is sizzling with these HOT new frames! Find the pair that is perfect for you.   Amphibias Eyegear Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, Amphibias floating eyegear is so much more than just another pair of sunglasses. They are rugged, lightweight polymers that form the basis of their high-floatation architecture with ultra-clear lenses that meet or […]

Eating Right For Healthy Eyesight

What your mom said all those years back is true, carrots do help your eyesight. Orange colored fruits and vegetables contain beta-carotene, a kind of vitamin A, which gives the food its color and helps eye health. But if carrots aren’t your favorite snack, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of other nutritious foods […]

How to Prevent Eye Strain

In today’s technological age, we use our eyes for considerably more intricate operations than in decades past. From handling tiny parts to viewing tiny screens for long periods of time, there’s always something people are visually focused on. With the increased amount of time humans spend in front of televisions, computer screens, and smartphones, it’s […]