How to Care for Glasses – The Right Way!

For many of us, our glasses allow us to see the world clearly. Yet we don’t always care for these essential tools as well as we should. There are many things we can do to our glasses to damage them.   Do Not Clean Your Glasses With These The worst thing nearly all of us […]

New Eyewear Collections At Judd Family Eyecare

Summer is sizzling with these HOT new frames! Find the pair that is perfect for you.   Amphibias Eyegear Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, Amphibias floating eyegear is so much more than just another pair of sunglasses. They are rugged, lightweight polymers that form the basis of their high-floatation architecture with ultra-clear lenses that meet or […]

Protect Your Eyes From the Summer Sun

Now that summer has finally arrived, most people are excited to catch some rays. While you’re putting on sunscreen, remember to not leave your eyes unprotected.   Why Is Protection Important? An overdose of UV rays has been linked to an increased occurrence of eye diseases, cataracts, and cancer by the American Academy of Ophthalmology […]

Purchasing the Perfect Sunglasses

Summer has arrived, and your eyes will need protection from the fierce sun. It’s time to buy sunglasses, but you might wonder which pair is best for you. Different people have different sunglasses needs, and Judd Family Eyecare would like to help you find the ones that will work best for you.   UV Protection […]

Keep Eyes Safe While Playing Sports

Certain sports require wearing a helmet, kneepads, and other protective gear. Most people are accustomed to taking these safety precautions, but overlook sports eyewear. This can be a dangerous oversight. Bruises and broken bones will heal, but a severe eye injury can leave permanent damage or be very difficult to fix. Top Sports that Require […]

Eye Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year will arrive soon! As the holiday season winds down, New Year’s resolutions are probably on your mind. Many people resolve to improve their health by losing weight, quitting smoking, or starting a new exercise regimen, but don’t forget your eyes. There are many simple ways to make them healthier in 2016, thus […]

How Smoking Impacts Eye Health

The majority of us know the most common impacts of smoking; it can cause various cancers including lung, throat, and mouth. It negatively impacts dental health and can lead to digit and limb amputations. However, most people don’t know smoking impacts eye health too. Many symptoms of common eye diseases and disorders can be tied […]

Make-Up Tips for Healthy Eyes

How you apply make up to your eyes can accentuate your features or even make an artistic statement. If you use eye cosmetics as a part of your everyday routine, follow these safety guidelines to keep your eyes healthy.   Replace Your Cosmetics Frequently Ditching your old make up is the easiest way to start […]