Six Tips For Purchasing Eyewear for Children

When buying glasses for your children, be aware of some important factors that affect his or her safety and happiness as well as the longevity of the glasses.   Glasses come in many shapes and materials, so it can be difficult to know what is best for your child. It’s important to let your child […]

Top Tips for Back To School Eye Health

August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month and a great time to start thinking about your kids’ eye health as school gets into full swing. Eye health can sometimes fall down the lists of things parents have to accomplish during the Back to School season, among shopping for school supplies, orientations and physicals. Eye health, however, […]

Getting Teens Started On Contact Lenses

If your teenager has expressed interest in using contact lenses instead of glasses, great! Contact lenses are a convenient alternative, and they may help with a teen’s self-esteem (if he or she doesn’t like the look of glasses). They are also great for teens who play sports, as glasses tend to get dirty during outdoor […]

What is Lazy Eye?

Do you or someone you know have one eye that seems to always shift away from the object you’re looking at? An eye that doesn’t focus where the other does? In short, do you have a lazy eye? Lazy eye, or amblyopia, is a problem facing many Americans, typically arising in infancy or early childhood. […]

Halloween Eye Safety

With colder weather, an influx of candy, and kids running amok in the streets, eye safety may not be the foremost thing on parents’ minds this Halloween. However, while Halloween is full of one-night tricks, you can end up with something truly scary if you’re not careful – permanent eye damage. Here are some practical […]

Back-to-School: How Vision Impacts Kids’ Learning

It’s back-to-school time, and with supplies to purchase and new schedules to arrange, the last thing parents are thinking about is an eye exam. However, it should be included in back-to-school preparations every year to aid children in achieving school success. The impact vision problems have on learning is heavy, often causing poor grades and […]

Can Your Eyes Become Sunburned?

Sunburn and Your Eyes: How to Protect Your Eyes During the Summer Is it possible for eyes to become sunburned? The quick answer is yes. Your eyes are as sensitive to sunburn as skin, with the cornea acting as a similar material to the uppermost layer of skin. It doesn’t take a long for the […]