Everything You Need to Know About Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry, itchy, sore eyes are no fun for anyone but are usually a mild annoyance. For some people, dry eyes are a chronic issue. If you find yourself constantly rubbing your eyes or feel your tear ducts aren’t working, you may have dry eye syndrome. This is a common and highly treatable issue. Educate yourself […]

5 Common Myths About Vision

There are many myths about what’s good for your eyes and what habits will make your vision worse. Let’s take a look at these and separate fact from myth.   1. Sitting Close to TV Screens Hurts Your Eyes This is false. Parents told us all when we were younger not to sit too close […]

What You Need to Know about Dry Eyes

Dry eyes affect everyone at some point in time or another, so it’s good to know what causes eyes to become dry and how to handle the problem once it occurs. Dry eyes (a difficulty in producing and/or keeping tears in the eye) are caused by a number of ordinary reasons, but most commonly are […]

What to Do for Dry Eyes

When tear ducts do not provide enough moisture, dry eyes can result. Dry eyes can cause discomfort, including a stinging or burning sensation, and decreased vision. You may experience dry eyes temporarily in highly air-conditioned rooms or in the cabin of an airplane, where the air is recycled. There are a number of other causes […]