7 Tips to Avoid Digital Eye Strain

Many of us spend hours every day looking at an electronic screen. Some of us will experience digital eye strain as a result.   Digital Eye Strain Causes and Symptoms Digital eye strain can occur whenever a person spends a long period of time staring at a digital screen. Up to 90% of people who […]

Cataracts: What Are They and How Are They Treated?

You’ve probably heard of cataracts and wondered what, exactly, they are. They’re a common phenomenon, with more than half the American population over the age of 80 impacted. Cataracts exist in the lens of a person’s eye in the form of a cloudy area. This is generally considered an age-related issue, though cataracts have been […]

Understanding What It Means to be Legally Blind

A legally blind person is defined as having visual acuity of 20/200 or worse in the best eye while using corrective lenses. How is visual acuity, or sharpness, determined? In the U.S., the Snellen measurement system is used to rate a person’s eyesight. A person stands 20 feet away from an eye chart and reads […]

Are You a Woman? You Have a Higher Risk of Vision Loss

It would appear that the sexes aren’t equal when it comes to vision health. Research has shown that there are gender-specific symptoms and risks associated with vision loss – and that women have more risk factors and higher rates of vision loss than men. Unfortunately, not all females know this. The Risk Factors  Women make […]

5 Signs It’s Time to Visit the Eye Doctor

In today’s busy world, it can be easy to overlook (no pun intended) going to the eye doctor. Your days are probably full of work, errands, and a whirlwind of other activities, so visiting the optometrist might be the last thing on your mind. Remember to keep in mind the following signs that you might […]

Understanding Blurred Vision

The term ‘blurred vision’ is really a blanket statement that could refer to a variety of different conditions, causes, and symptoms. Blurred vision can be a result of a condition that is mild or serious, normal or abnormal, and can be anything from simply bothersome to debilitating, depending on the condition and/or the person suffering […]