7 Tips to Avoid Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain - Hendersonville, TN

Many of us spend hours every day looking at an electronic screen. Some of us will experience digital eye strain as a result.


Digital Eye Strain Causes and Symptoms

Digital eye strain can occur whenever a person spends a long period of time staring at a digital screen. Up to 90% of people who work with computers will experience digital eye strain.

Digital devices cause eye strain for two reasons. One, people have a tendency to blink less when watching a computer screen, which causes eyes to dry out and become irritated. Two, people often hold digital devices close to their faces, making their eyes do extra work to focus on the small characters on the screen.

Symptoms of digital eye strain include:

–  Irritated, sore eyes
–  Trouble focusing
–  Watery or dry eyes
–  Blurred or doubled vision
–  Sensitivity to light
–  Neck, shoulder, or back pain


Ways to Prevent Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is a common issue because people spend time watching screens during the day. Here are the eight best tips for preventing digital eye strain:

1.  Comprehensive eye exams. An annual eye exam can help detect trouble with your eyes that may lead to or worsen eye strain. Measure the distance you normally sit from your computer and tell your optometrist so he or she can test your eyes at their usual working distance.

2.  Proper lighting. Digital eye strain is often caused by too much light in your working area. Most offices are about twice as bright as they should be.

3.  Less glare. Glare off of bright surfaces, or your monitor, can cause eye strain. Put an anti-glare coating on your screen, paint walls a dark color, and block windows or lights which glare onto your computer.

4.  LCD screens. Old, cathode-style displays are harder on the eyes than LCD screens. Larger screens with higher resolutions and refresh rates will also help prevent eye strain.

5.  Display settings. Adjust your computer’s brightness, text size, and contrast and color temperature for maximum comfort.

6.  Blink. Make a conscious effort to blink more frequently when staring at a digital screen. This combats our tendency to blink less often when watching a monitor.

7.  Breaks. Preventing eye strain, along with back, neck, and shoulder pain can be done by taking breaks and moving away from your computer every 15-20 minutes.


With a little common sense and following these tips, digital eye strain can be easily avoided.