4 Things to Consider When Choosing New Frames

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Eyeglasses can be an extension of your personality and, when chose properly, a wardrobe accessory. Make the most of your eyewear frames by considering these 4 areas:

The Shape of Your Face

The shape of your face should determine the shape of your frames. Face shapes are divided into 5 categories:

–   Round
If you have a round face, go for square frames. Most square frames will be larger than a round face, which will make a face appear thinner. Avoid frames that are round, smaller than the face, or rimless.

–   Oval
Choose a frame that is wider than the widest area of the face. Frames with a strong bridge and geometrical shape will flatter an oval-shaped face. Large eyewear should be avoided since it will change the natural symmetry of an oval face.

–   Square
Rounded frames look best on a square face. Also, choose frames that sit high on the nose. Angular or square frames will draw attention to the strong angles of a square face and make it appear wider.

–   Diamond
Draw attention away from a narrow forehead and chin by choosing frames that are oval or point upwards, like cat-eye glasses. Boxy frames will increase the smallness of a forehead and chin by making cheekbones appear especially wide.

–   Heart-Shaped
Choose frames that sit lower on the face or that have more detail in the bottom to counterbalance a wide forehead and narrow chin. Slightly rounded or soft-edged shapes will look best on a heart-shaped face. Avoid frames that have embellishments on the top.

Skin Tone

Your skin tone is just as important to consider as face shape when choosing frames.

–   Cool
People with blue or pink undertones have cool skin tones. Look for pops of color like blue, pink, purple, and mauve. Neutral shades that work best are black, silver, gray, and dark tortoise.

–   Warm
People with golden or yellow undertones have a warm skin tone. Choose soft colors for frames such as browns, gold and honey, light tortoise, and olive green.


Choose a frame that matches your personality. Choose two frames – one that expresses your fun weekend side and anther for your business style.


Consider your lifestyle when choosing your frames if you will be wearing your glasses most of the day. Are you active and need frames that can bend and twist instead of breaking?


Choosing eyewear can be a fun decision, especially if you know the styles that work best for you. Be sure to visit Judd Family Eyecare to get the latest fashions on eyewear!