Make-Up Tips for Healthy Eyes

How you apply make up to your eyes can accentuate your features or even make an artistic statement. If you use eye cosmetics as a part of your everyday routine, follow these safety guidelines to keep your eyes healthy.   Replace Your Cosmetics Frequently Ditching your old make up is the easiest way to start […]

How Vision Changes With Age

As we age, our bodies become weaker; our muscles lose mass, and our bones become more brittle. Our eyes are no exception, as at some point, most of us will have to deal with a type of vision loss called presbyopia.   What Causes Presbyopia? Presbyopia is simply a form of farsightedness that accompanies middle […]

What To Do If You Scratch Your Eye

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  The eye is as complex as it is sensitive. The smallest debris can cause an eye scratch. In fact, even rubbing the eye aggressively (think allergy season) can create eye irritation and scratches. Other causes include poor fitting or dirty contact lenses, or certain types of eye infection. Pay close attention to what happens […]