At Judd Family Eyecare, we offer comprehensive eye care services

that help patients have better vision and a better life.

Our Team

Dr. Judd and his team of professionals provide individualized vision care using the latest technology and procedures.


Providing excellent service for children and adults, Judd Family Eyecare offers a full range of vision solutions to meet all your seeing needs.


Judd Family Eyecare strives to be a top resource for your visual care, providing on-going patients information and news.


Ready to see life better? Contact Judd Family Eyecare to schedule an appointment and get started.

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Why Choose Judd Family Eyecare?

  • Comprehensive Family Eye Care
  • Latest Technology and Procedures
  • Vision Shaping Treatment (VST)
  • Frame Styles Unique to our Office
  • Competitive rates

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